We are Verbruggen Palletizing Solutions. Nice to meet you!

Our story

We are Verbruggen Palletizing Solutions, the Innovative Dutch company with over 27+ years experience designing and manufacturing industry leading palletizers for our customers worldwide. We offer top-quality equipment, first-class service and a trustworthy reputation among our 950+ customers located in 38 countries. Verbruggen’s headquarter office and factory are located in The Netherlands with branch offices in the USA (Washington State), and Asia (Dhaka, Bangladesh) allowing optimal service/sales coverage and strong distributor network worldwide.

Our Corporate Values


Verbruggen Palletizing Solutions was established in 1991, and now 2nd generation of Verbruggen leads the business into the future. Trust , Integrity, Communication and Honesty within remain core attributes of the company.


Verbruggen continues to operate in health and socially responsible way by donating 10% of company profits to annual charities. Contributions put back into the community, as well as internship oppoortunities for students are just a few ways that our company helps with Corporate Social Responsibility standards.


Our team continuously innovates ensuring that our palletizing technologies are the most advanced, efficient and sustainable systems available in the industry. Smart-machine technologie, longevity and reliability are very important to the success of our customers around the world.


Verbruggen continues to have a progressive and trusted reputation among our clients through superior functionality, solid quality and great finish results.


Customer satisfaction is of great importance to Verbruggen. Every project is uniquely designed with full attention to maximize customers value on Product, Process and Profit. Customer satisfaction has a great matter to us. In Verbruggen you can trust.

The Start of Palletizing

In 1991, the Dutch Engineer Alex Verbruggen received a request from a local farmer to invent a machine that automatically stacks bags of potatoes. This type of machine did not yet exist which made it very challenging to envision and develop such a solution. With much effort and ingenuity, Alex finally achieved success in 1992 by inventing the first palletizer for commissioning and use. His first customer was very satisfied, and soon the good news spread amongst neighbouring farmers. It wasn’t long before Alex began receiving more equipment orders which is when he decided to start his own factory for larger scale production.

The World Market ready for Palletizers

The Verbruggen palletizer became well known throughout Europe, and in 1996 the first palletizer was exported to Israel. Verbruggen’s global reputation grew very quickly with the 100th palletizer sold in 3 more years time (by 1999). With increasing business demand from overseas markets, Verbruggen then decided to establish a branch office in the USA (in 2013). The small business located in Washington State, initially staffed by 1 person, has successfully grown in just a few year’s time into a Continental Service Center with more than 10 local employees. In the meantime, Verbruggen has also started a branch office in Bangladesh for supplemental IT support services.

2nd Generation Verbruggen family

In 2016 Verbruggen celebrated its 25th year anniversary. Company founder Alex Verbruggen seized this special occasion to hand over the baton to the 2nd family generation. In 2019, Verbruggen will surpass 1000 palletizers sold. Over the years, our number of customers continues to grow with many loyal business partners abroad. Whether for new buildings, or for upgraded lines, customers always come back to Verbruggen for their innovative solutions. Continuing growth of Verbruggen Palletizing Solutions goes hand in hand with the growth of our customers, and the developing market, which we are both thankful for.

Continuous Innovation by Verbruggen

The V’s in our logo form the Technovation circle symbolizing both Technique and Innovation. This combination is a fundamental characteristic of the Verbruggen Team. With more than 100 highly skilled professionals in-house, we have widespread knowledge in all areas of engineering, design and controls. Continuous innovations enable Verbruggen to build highly efficient, top-quality and technologically advanced palletizers for market applications world-wide.