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Verbruggen offers the best solutions for palletizing boxes, bags or crates by automatic stacking methods. In fact, no product is too difficult to stack for our Verbruggen palletizing machines! We have over 29 years of experience developing the most efficient, long lasting palletizers with unprecedented stacking capacities. We have provided many different palletizing solutions worldwide within  agricultural, non-food and food industry, offering customers the best in automated palletizing.

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What is Palletizing?

A palletizer or palletiser is a machine which provides automatic means for stacking cases of goods or products onto a pallet (Wikipedia.org). In case of Verbruggen the meaning of palletizing or palletising is automated and robotic stacking of bags, boxes, cartons or crates on pallets. We also produce conveyors, packaging systems and wrapper machines.

What is the meaning of Palletized?

The definition of Palletized is perfectly stacked products on pallets for efficient shipping and handling. Palletizing machines stack various product units in the optimal pattern for the perfect stack. Verbruggen Palletizers offer solutions for various capacity, speed and kinds of products, easy and difficult to stack.

Why choose a Palletizing machine?

  • Palletizing machines provide ultimate stacking power in different speed options and capacity.
  • You will not only get perfect stacking, but also higher stacked pallets, and save space.
  • Save labour costs and provide a better and more save working environment.
  • A healthy investment, because a calculated ROI is guaranteed.

Palletizers for agricultural and industrial products

Verbruggen has extensive experience in stacking various agricultural, Food industrial and Non-food  product types such as potatoes, onions, carrots, beets, grains, rice, corn, coffee, seeds, bulbs, dairy products, nuts and animal feed. Our team of engineers are continually innovating and developing our machines and software, allowing us to offer the most technically advanced & effective palletizing solutions possible.

Automated Palletizers with low operating costs

Verbruggen palletizers offer low operating costs due to advanced machine technologies, low maintenance requirements, long-term reliability and low power consumption. Your return on investment is also very high considering the labor costs that can be immediately eliminated from the stacking process with a Verbruggen palletiser. Long sustained equipment life also provides many years worth of satisfaction while offering reliable stacking operations, maximizing operational efficiencies and reducing risk of worker injury.

Palletizer options

We offer a full-line of palletizers ranging from stand-alone small capacity machines to fully-automatic high-speed palletizing systems. Each palletiser can be customized to suit your specific needs including a wide range of options such as: powered roller conveyors for empty or full pallet transport, combi manipulator for dual purpose stacking of bags/boxes or crates, adjustable stacking chamber for multiple pallet sizes & uniform finished pallet stacks, electric compression collar for lateral layer compression, wrappers, or various types of slip sheet dispensers as needed for specific function.

Automated packaging & wrapping machines

Verbruggen also designs, builds and offers a complete line of wrapping machines for in-line automatic function, or for simple standalone wrapping applications. Types of wrappers include: high-speed rotary arm wrappers, turn-table wrappers integrated with palletizers for automatic function, or stand-alone wrapping applications. Equip your wrapper with the desired wrapping material consisting of film, net, rope or a combination of net and paper depending on product characteristics & your finished product needs.

User-friendly pallet stacking

Our palletizing machines include user friendly touchscreen displays so you can easily select the right stacking pattern, change the number of products on a pallet, make setting adjustments, or simply monitor progress and production efficiencies.

Support, service & maintenance

We have a dedicated Service Team available 24/6 to provide professional service support on-site, or by immediate remote access from any location. Trained service personnel are available to provide prompt service support when you need it most. We also provide preventive maintenance inspections helping to identify components in need of replacement before machine failure ensuring optimum machine efficiency & continuity in production. Our smart machine design allows moving parts to be used as little as possible while limiting part exposure for maximum durability. Our machines have long maintenance intervals while offering maximum operational reliability and long equipment life expectancy.

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