Announcement Spare parts out of production

Announcement: Spare parts out of production

At Verbruggen we are constantly innovating and providing the most recent technology for you. Due to innovations some of the PLC operating systems (Programmable Logical Controller) and Displays will be out of production. Therefore these spare parts will not be available anymore from January 1st 2020. We are here to assist you and help you to maintain the maximum uptime of your Verbruggen Palletizing machine(s), so please check your machine and let us know if you need anything.

Don’t miss the last chance to order these spare parts.

Check the list below to discover which spare parts getting out of stock at for different Palletizing machines or solutions. Note: Please order before December 20th.

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Spare parts getting out of stock per Palletizing machine

Please order your spare parts
before December 20th!