Maximize efficiency in stacking pet food & animal feed

Mr. Perfect
Tired of inflexible robots?
This machine makes it possible!
Save loading / storage space & costs

This is how you get ultimate flexibility in stacking pet food & animal feed:

Are you tired of complicated and inflexible robots? Do you want to maximize your plant by palletizing automation? Find your solution at Verbruggen.
With over 28 years of extensive experience in palletizing, Verbruggen palletizers offer the following advantages:

  • Stack animal feed and pet food product in the range of 5 lbs to 120 lbs.
  • High flexibility for future changes in product sizes and patterns.
  • System can palletize bags in boxes, single bags and boxes/crates.
  • Perfectly stable stack to the height of 8 feet.
  • Easy to use operator station, low maintenance machinery for high up time.
  • US based sales and service.
  • Remote monitored support, ready to be integrated in your ERP system.

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Jason Gaskill
Business Development Manager

Our Palletizers and Palletizing solutions


Handling bags
Up to 10 per minute

VPM 7-14 Series

Handling bags
12 – 40 per minute

VPM 88

Large bags, large pallets
20–30 bags per minute


Handling cartons/boxes
15 – 20 per minute


Handling cartons/boxes
Up to 120 per minute

Get your free custom 3D palletizer design!

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To arrange your free custom 3D layout, please fill in your details here and we will get back to you as soon as possible. To be able to make a proper 3D palletizing system design, we need some details of your process and facility. Thank you!

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