Verbruggen’s experiences and history in agricultural sector

The first Verbruggen palletizer was sold to a potato farmer in Emmeloord in 1991. Ever since, agricultural market became the largest market of Verbruggen, and over the years, enormous number of machines were installed in different locations worldwide for stacking potato, onion and carrot bags. With increasing number of good reference and word-of-mouth effects, Verbruggen quickly occupied the Benelux market, majority of the scaled agricultural packing houses in this region has becoming loyal user of Verbruggen palletizer.

Over the years, with superior functionality, reliable equipment, great product results and proven commitment, Verbruggen receives a progressive and trusted reputation among clients worldwide, and the brand is becoming more and more well-known.

Special features of Verbruggen palletizer makes it a perfect stacking solution for agricultural products

Verbruggen palletizers are uniquely designed with special features allowing round and irregular shape of products such as potato, onion, carrot, cabbages stacked in a compact and tall format.

Each bag is automatically gathered, transported, and placed in the palletizer manipulator via conveyor belts. The center flaps in the manipulator ensures precise positioning of the bag on the stack. The bags of each layer are stacked on the formation doors in a mutually overlapping pattern. The overlap between the bags can be up to 30%, which greatly increases the overall stability of the stack. After stacking a full layer, the formation doors will open and place the bags on a pallet. The formation doors will then close and the pallet with bags will rise up and press to the underside of the formation doors (if needed). Regardless the product shape, the 4 side stacking bin ensures products not failing-off even they are stacked as high as 2.5 meter.

Verbruggen’s own intelligent software enables the use of 20 possible stacking patterns, which makes it easy for customers to choose the best stacking patterns when palletizing different sizes of bags from 5 lbs / 2,5 kg up to 165 lbs / 75 kg.

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Case project – JMB Farming (GB)

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We and our customers like the quality and consistency of the stacks, no matter what size of bag or type of packaging.
– JMB Farming (GB)

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Handling bags
Up to 10 per minute

VPM 7-14 Series

Handling bags
12 – 40 per minute

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Large bags, large pallets
20–30 bags per minute


Handling cartons/boxes
15 – 20 per minute


Handling cartons/boxes
Up to 120 per minute