The making of 3D designs of palletizing solutions

How about the making of a 3D design of a Palletizer machine?

For a palletizing project it is important to make a customized 3D design, also known as 3D Layout, of the palletizer machine for the specific location and plant dimensions. Doing so the solution will fit the plant of our clients perfectly and helps our engineers to construct the optimal palletizing solution. This is no different for our project of the 1000th palletizer machine at Mars Petfood, UK

The 3D design of the Palletizer machine is drawn after the inventory of all objectives, wishes and details. The 3D design is usually part of the quotation. As a result, all parties know what to expect and what is part of the project.

The process of 3D designing a palletizer machine layout

At Verbruggen we work with the 3D CAD mechanical design software Solid Works. In the design we take into account the specific situation of the plant, including locations of doors, windows, walls and possibly heating pipes. The approach routes of forklift trucks are of course also essential in the design.

Drawing a 3D palletizer layout normally takes 1 day, but depending on the plants dimensions, wishes of the customer or the possible conversion of an existing situation, the design sometimes takes more than a week. This is definitely worth the time, because the 3D design of a palletizing solution is not only the building plan for our installation engineers, but is also very helpful for customers to get a clear vision of the size and operation of the machine and processing line.

Follow the journey of the palletizer machine, from preparation to installation!

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