Gespecialiseerde palletiseermachine ontwikkeld voor de Chinese markt

“We have developed a specialized palletizer for the Chinese market,” says Ning Fan (Account Manager China at Verbruggen). “The design is suitable for the specific situations we encountered when we visited our Chinese customers. We have removed other functions that were not used that often. For example, the trucks here are often not loaded with pallets. Instead, they are loaded with bags that are stacked on top of each other by hand, at least four employees are needed to unload a truck, two or which are in the cargo area and the other two in front of the truck to collect the bags, which costs them half a day and is ten to twenty times slower than if the process were automated, and it is also hard work The bags can weigh 50 to 70 kilos.To address this problem, we have modified the original design of our palletizer and added a conveyor belt for automatic unloading, “explains Ning Fan.

“The conveyor makes it possible to unload the bags directly from the truck onto a pallet or to the warehouse. There is no standardization in China. All trucks have different dimensions here. Therefore, we have introduced a flexible unloading system here. The conveyor belt can be placed in a truck with a length of six to twelve meters, so our solution will always be fit regardless of the truck’s dimensions. “

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