Frequently Asked Questions

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What is so special about Verbruggen palletizers?

Verbruggen’s innovative palletizing technology allows for impressive stable product stacks to be consistently produced for almost any product type and size. Our machines are designed to stack the most difficult of products including bags, boxes, open cases, and even special product applications. We offer several models, each of which can be modified to best suit each customer’s needs and configuration. Verbruggen palletizers are also well known throughout the industry for maximum operational reliability, high-speed stacking capabilities, and improving operational efficiencies.

What are the benefits for using a Verbruggen Palletizer?

  • Reduce your labor force.
  • Improve operational efficiency in the factory.
  • Improve moral in the workplace by simple and efficient stacking of products.
  • Improve product presentation for products delivered to end-users, increase brand value.
  • Improve storage, loading & unloading of products from improved product stability.
  • Minimize product damage & loss during product handling.
  • Immediately benefit from a quick Return On Investment (ROI).

How can I get a free layout and quotation for my project ?

Complete this form and send to We will contact you as soon as possible regarding your inquiry in Verbruggen.

What is the life expectancy, or usage span of a machine?

Verbruggen palletizers are made for heavy-duty industrial applications and farm use with many customers using machines more than 20 years. Many Verbruggen customers are still in regular everyday use after having stacked 20–25 million product bags.

What is the delivery time?

The average delivery time of a palletizer to the end user is 10 weeks plus shipping after order confirmation and down payment. But the actual duration always differs from projects.

How long is the warranty period?

1 year from installation and commissioning.

What is the price range of Verbruggen machine?

There is a wide price range based on different models, configurations, and equipment complexity. We try to keep ROI around 2-3 years depending on function and application. We can easily provide pricing if you can provide information to be processed for layout and quotation.

Is it possible to see a real machine running on site?

Verbruggen has more than 1000 machines installed worldwide with good customer relations and references. Contact us on, we will find a nearby site for you to visit!

After-Sales service

How to carry out a regular check on the machine by myself?

Please check the user manual.

I need a spare part

  • Open the spare parts manuals manual for your machine. Identify the location of the part you need, and the 8 digits article number of the part you need. Then call or email Verbruggen service at for timely part supply.
  • You can also request a spare parts kit for your palletizer if you want to have spare parts on-hand.

I need a new stacking pattern

– Contact Verbruggen service for support if you should need help creating a new stacking pattern after having been trained on this process during operator training.

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