Testing new palletizer machine | FAT

Testing the palletizer machine: Factory Acceptance Test

After mounting the control box and testing the software, the machine is assembled at our factory for the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT). During the FAT the palletizer machine is being set to fully operate to check whether everything works as it should. We use the customer’s actual products to really test the machine. The customer himself is almost always present at the FAT too. In this case, the Mars petfood operations manager is present to attend the FAT and confirm the result.

During the FAT all movements are controlled and the machine is optimally adjusted for the desired stacking result of the customer. Any improvements to the functionality are made here. After everything has been approved, the machine will be dismantled and will be prepared for shipping and transport to the plant of the customer.

Impressions of the FAT of the 1000th Verbruggen palletizer machine: Mars Petfood project

Step 6: Testing the machine. Andreas, represent of MARS at Verbruggen in the Netherlands to check the last details before the palletizer goes to UK.



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