Instruction and training operating the new Palletizer

Instruction and training operating the new Palletizer

We are giving instructions and training at Mars/James Welbeloved/ Crown petfood so their team can safely operate the new palletizer machine in all situations. The 1000th Verbruggen Palletizing machine worldwide is running right now!

Step 10:  Instructions and training to operate the new palletizer safely and to keep it operational for maximum uptime is an essential step in the journey of the palletizing machine.
The training consists of 3 phases, namely ‘Operation’, ‘Machine running’ and ‘Continuous running’.

In addition to the basic instructions of the control panel and screen, the customer also receives an explanation about optimum use of the machine, maintenance and of course safety. All occurring situations and possible challenges are also simulated and solved under supervision. In this way the customer can get to work with the new machine and they always know how to react in different situations.

Follow the journey of the palletizer machine, from preparation to installation!

To celebrate our 1000th palletizing machine world wide, we will show and inform our Social media and website visitors about the process on a weekly bases. Informative and fun! Please follow us at Facebook , Twitter or linkedin for more updates about the journey of 1000th Palletizer world wide.

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