Looking for Local dealer/distributor in Asia

We are a Dutch company specialized in manufacturing palletizers and wrappers for logistic and warehouse usages. Palletizer replaces traditional manual handling, while provide a high speed solution for stacking products in bag/box, at the same time largely reduces labor costs, improves factory operational efficiency, and minimize goods damaging rate. Our palletizer is suitable a wide range of agricultural/industrial products that packed in bags and boxes, such as fruit and vegetables, agricultural seeds, animal feed, starch and flour, cements, etc.

Our company exists 25 years. The headquarter is located in the Netherlands, and we have branch offices in the USA, and in Bangladesh. As well, we have good distributor networks among Europe, North America and South America. We have around 900 current clients from 36 countries. With top quality and first-class service, we share very good brand reputation among these markets. Since last year, we started to develop Asian market. Since yet, we have already a few direct sales in few Asian countries. In order to better approach these markets, we are looking for trustworthy dealers in Asian countries (such as China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, etc.).

If you are interested in our products, and is willing to become our local dealer, please feel free to contact me!


Ning Fan

E-mail: ning.fan@verbruggen.nl

Tele: +31 (0)618478065


Website: www.verbruggen.cn

Example videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEidTDHNbU9L5gI4TQcLdgw

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