Installation of the palletizer at the customer

Installation of the 1000th palletizer

We are installing the 1000th Verbruggen Palletizing machine worldwide, at the plant of Mars Pet Food / James WellBeloved / Crown Pet Foods in the UK. Now the parts are reassembled again and soon we will see the machine operating.

Step 9: The 1000th palletizer machine is being installed at the factory. After shipping and unloading the palletizer at the location of the customer. Now the parts are reassembled again and soon we are looking forward to see an operation machine.

Follow the journey of the palletizer machine to installation!

To celebrate our 1000th palletizing machine world wide, we will show and inform our Social media and website visitors about the process on a weekly bases. Informative and fun! Please follow us at Facebook , Twitter or linkedin for more updates about the journey of 1000th Palletizer world wide.

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