7 Benefits of the ERP System in a Verbruggen palletizer

7 Benefits of integrating a Verbruggen Palletizer to your ERP System

Track the performance and production data of your palletizer at one click and anywhere! By using the ultimate technology of Verbruggen palletizers, you can save costs, reduce time and workforce.

Nowadays, more than 80% of companies are implementing or already using an ERP system to optimize their production. Why is that? There are 7 important and interesting benefits of integrating a Verbruggen Palletizer to your ERP System.

1.- Save costs 
You will reduce operational costs up to 23% and administration costs by up to 22%. Save money and grow faster than your competitors while using the ultimate Palletizing Solutions for you and your product.

2.-Increase productivity
Eliminate any redundant process through an intuitive palletizer that tells you timely if something needs to be refilled, adjusted or modified. You can trace and track your production more accurate, faster and safer.

3.-Reduce time & workforce
Optimize production schedules, equipment and workforce to minimize change over time.

4.-Efficient Inventory
Automate the intake of final products and monitor inventory levels. For example, the operators can visualize the full process in order to track which products are in shipment but also the perfectly stacked products ready for your customers.

5.-Product predictability
Predict the production output to provide the Sales team with a clear stock overview and promotional goods.

6.- Cross-departmentally Streamline
Automate all business operations cross-departmentally to improve the processes in your company. Furthermore, you can customize, create and store data for better analytics providing valuable information for every department.

7.- Flexible and remotely controlled operation
The ERP System of a Verbruggen palletizing machine is a mobile-friendly solution you can access at your office or any remote location. Control and track your operations anywhere!

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* What is an ERP System? The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System can be integrated in different sectors such as Agriculture, Food, Non-Food or Pet Food/Animal Feed. Valuable data are centralized and integrated among the different departments in a company.

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