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Verbruggen is a growing and international organization and therefore continuously looking for new talented employees. We believe that our employees are the driving force of our enterprise. That is why we offer plenty of space for development and growth of our employees. Do you seek the challenge of working in one of our departments? We are looking for employees in our Finance, Sales, Marketing, Mechanical, Electrical, Service department and more.

In addition, graduation and internship candidates are most welcome at Verbruggen. We value investments in our potential employees, and look forward to the opportunity to work with you in developing your professional skills.

What our colleagues say about working at Verbruggen?

Some success stories of colleagues

Benjamin Wit
Engineer IT
I started working at Verbruggen in 2018 as IT Engineer. The company was looking for someone to take on the role of IT Engineer as their company was growing fast. After I finished my studies I directly started working at Verbruggen.
Family company
You can really feel that Verbruggen is a family-owned company. A lot of people here know each other and the working environment is easy-going. I feel like the owners stand next to their employees and everyone is equal.
Personal Development
If you are a motivated worker, there are a lot of possibilities to develop yourself at Verbruggen. The company really helps you to decide which position fits best for you. Working in an international environment gives me the opportunity to improve my English, and at the moment I’m following an evening course which is partially financed by Verbruggen.
Diverse team
What I like about the Verbruggen is that they have a young and diverse team. The working environment is good and the people are very driven. It is nice that people with different cultural backgrounds work together and learn from each other to succeed.
Charles Holtslag
Intern at Sales Department
I started working at Verbruggen in February 2020 as a sales intern. Here I am writing my thesis about process optimization.
Verbruggen is a growing company where everybody wants to move forward. There are many opportunities to develop your skills as you get to work in an international team, but you have to show self-initiative. If you show self-initiative, you can learn a lot.
I had planned to do my internship in 2019 already, but I had a six-month study delay. Because I could not start my internship yet, Verbruggen gave me the opportunity to start working as Sales Support. This shows that it is a flexible company that wants to help you wherever they can.

Vacancies in the Netherlands office

Software engineer

Function description Envision State-of-the-art machines & equipment designed and produced by Verbruggen. Do you take pride in ensuring that the machines work most efficiently? As...
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